World-Record Performance for AI and ML

Dell PowerEdge servers, powered by the latest 4th Gen AMD EPYC™ processors

AI and ML have come to fill a central role in business operations for organizations in a variety of industries. Whether it’s a bank monitoring for fraud, a retailer projecting sales, a hospital striving for more accurate diagnoses, or a mid-size manufacturer implementing predictive maintenance on its assembly lines, organizations of all types and sizes rely on AI to tease out patterns that might be invisible to people. AI models in general—and deep learning (DL) models in particular—are generally more accurate when there is more data available to train them. This appetite for data drives the need for larger, more capable storage, faster networking, and more performant servers to find more value in data—data which must also be kept secure. This technical research study shows the benefits of AI and ML performances.

The Dell PowerEdge R6625, powered by 4th gen AMD EPYC™ processors has up to 60% more storage capacity compared to prior generation 1U Dell PowerEdge platforms*

Based on Dell internal analysis if available front drive slots going from a maximum of 10 drives in prior generation configurations to 16 E3.S drives config option in the latest gen 6625, powered by 4th gen AMD EPYC™ processors. Available storage will depend on configuration and drives chosen.