Office + Remote: Building A Blueprint For Hybrid Work Success

As the market settles on a hybrid state of working – embracing office and remote considerations in equal measure –

organisations are building out enhanced strategies to meet evolving employee requirements.

From workplace transformation and office configuration, to meeting equity and remote considerations, businesses are navigating new rules of engagement in relation to people and technology.

Such a shift in focus creates a need for new technology solutions and set-ups, counterbalanced by rising people concerns linked to wellbeing and culture.

This CIO Executive Forum – in association with Jabra – will outline how IT executives can build a blueprint capable of bridging the gap between office and remote working environments, underpinned by new strategies and solutions.

Key areas of discussion include:

  • State of hybrid working across Asia Pacific
  • Evolving workforce transformation priorities
  • Increased focus on meeting equity
  • Hybrid work readiness levels and company best practice